Table 2.

Odds ratios from logistic regression models predicting use in last 6 months

PredictorsUsed any unconventional therapyMassage therapyChiropractic careNutritional guidance
Dash indicates that this variable was not included in the multivariate model. Significant predictors are bolded.
* Variable dichotomized in some models.
p < 0.10.
p < 0.05.
§ p < 0.01.
p < 0.0001.
Income >$50,000*1.663.200.87
Had at least one comorbid health condition1.731.181.16
Used more outpatient services1.191.161.22
Age 35–65 y*1.480.990.98
Had obtained at least a college degree1.151.48
Medicare or Medicaid0.730.820.64
No. MS symptoms1.04
Ambulation ability1.28
Practiced preventive health behaviors1.101.101.17
No. MS medications*
Action plan1.31
Insurance pays for therapy3.13§
Fewer emotional problems1.007
Fewer physical limitations0.991
Confidence in health plan0.83