Table 4.

Results of the a priori pairwise comparisons between controls and different MS clinical phenotypes

Controls vs CISControls vs PPMSCIS vs RRMSRRMS vs BMSRRMS vs SPMS
See the text for statistical analysis.
CIS = clinically isolated syndrome; PPMS = primary progressive MS; RRMS = relapsing-remitting MS; BMS = benign MS; SPMS = secondary progressive MS; NS = not significant; MTR = magnetization transfer ratio.
Hypointense T1 lesion loadNSNS0.0004
Hyperintense T2 lesion load0.005NS0.001
T1/T2 ratio0.004NS0.0002
Average lesion MTR0.01NSNS
Average brain MTRNSNS0.00090.05NS
Peak heightNS0.0050.0020.03NS
Peak positionNSNS0.01NSNS