Table 2.

Key findings on MRI and CT during complex partial status epilepticus

TechniqueFindings in affected hemisphere
Numbers in parentheses indicate how many patients in this series exhibited the finding.
DWI = diffusion-weighted MRI; ADC = apparent diffusion coefficient.
CTArea of decreased attenuation (3/3)
Effacement of sulci (3/3)
Loss of gray-white differentiation (3/3)
T2-weighted MRICortical hyperintensity (3/3)
Moderate widening of the cortex (3/3)
Thalamic hyperintensity (2/3)
Postcontrast MRILeptomeningeal enhancement (2/2)
DWICortical hyperintensity (3/3)
ADC-mapCortical hypointensity (3/3)
MR angiographyIncreased signal in the MCA and MCA branches (3/3)