Table 1.

Characteristics of patients with isolated postural tremor and those with postural and rest tremor

PatientsSex/age, yDuration, yFamily history of tremorCharacteristics of tremor
Affected body areasFrequency, HzResponse to alcoholMedicationsAmount of response
Cl = clonazepam; I = inderal; P = primidone; NA = nonalcoholics.
With isolated postural tremor
1M /4426+Both hands8DramaticNot treated
2F /627+Both hands7–8NAI, ClModerate
3M /4215+Both hands6–7NAINo
4F /7510+Both hands6NANot treated
5F /7121+Both hands6–7MinimalI, ClModerate
6F /5720+Both hands, tongue, jaw7NANot treated
7F /5620+Both hands, voice5.5NAIModerate
8M /666Both hands4–5NANot treated
9M /6721Both hands, voice7–8DramaticI, ClModerate
Mean ± SD60.0 ± 11.4016.22 ± 7.07
With postural and rest tremor
1M /59215+Both hands, jaw, voice4–56ModerateI, ClMarked
2M /4273+Both hands67–8NAI, ClMinimal
3M /60128Both hands, head5–66NAPMinimal
4F /71213Both hands6–77NAIMarked
5M /86213Both hands56DramaticI, ClMarked
6F /7251Both hands, tongue, lip4–55NAI, ClMinimal
Mean ± SD68.3 ± 10.2918.67 ± 8.073.83 ± 2.40