Table 2.

Clinical characteristics of patients with isolated postural tremor and those with postural and rest tremor

PatientsRigidityBradykinesiaExpressionless faceArm swing
Froment signWartenberg signFinger tappingFoot tapping
All patients had normal gait. None had postural instability or stooped posture.
With isolated postural tremor
3Clumsy (R)Slow (L & R)Normal
4+ (R)Clumsy (L)NormalNormal
5+ (R)Clumsy (L & R)Slow (L & R)Slightly decreased (R)
6+ (L & R)NormalNormalSlightly decreased (R)
7Clumsy (L)NormalSlightly decreased (R)
8Clumsy (R)Slow (L & R)Slightly decreased (R)
9Clumsy (R)NormalNormal
With postural and rest tremor
1Clumsy (L)NormalNormal
2Clumsy (L)NormalNormal
3Clumsy (L)Slow (L)+Normal
4Clumsy (L)Slow (L)Normal
5+ (R)+ (R)Clumsy (R)Slow (R)+Normal