Table 1.

Demographic data of study participants, baseline headache characteristics, and response to study treatment

Pat. no.DemographicsSumatriptanPlaceboPreference
Age, ySexHistoryDurationFrequencyAura1stIntensityEndNauseaVomitingPhotophobiaTimeIntensityEndNauseaVomitingPhotophobiaTime
History = duration of migraine history (mo); duration = duration of headache attacks (h); aura = migraine attacks with (Y) or without aura (N); frequency = number of migraine attacks per month; 1st = which study drug was used first (S = sumatriptan, P = placebo); intensity = headache intensity before/2 hours after study therapy (4 = severe, 3 = moderate, 2 = mild, 1 = no pain); end = primary endpoint of clinical efficacy achieved?; nausea/vomiting/photophobia = nausea/vomiting/photo-/phonophobia before/2 hours after therapy (1 = no, 2 = yes); time = time until meaningful relief (min); preference = preferred study drug (S = sumatriptan, P = placebo).
17.9M1283YS4 /1YY /NY /NY /N253 /2NY /YY /YY /Y45S
26.9M10122NP3 /1YN /NN /NY /N303 /2NN /NN /NY /Y38S
37.1F13104YP4 /2YY /NY /NN /N254 /3NY /YY /Y1 /145S
48.5F9124NS4 /1YY /NY /NY /N324 /2YY /YY /N1 /140S
59.1M18243YS4 /2YY /YY /NN /N364 /1YY /YY /NY /Y30S
69.5F1783NP4 /2YN /NN /NY /N283 /1YN /NN /N1 /128S
77.7F15124YS3 /1YY /NY /NY /N304 /3NN /NN /NY /1S
89.4F14105YS3 /1YY /NY /NY /N303 /2NY /NY /NY /YS
98.4M15242NP4 /1YY /NY /NY /N264 /2YY /NY /NY /Y25S
106.6M14123NP4 /1YY /NY /NN /N344 /2YY /YY /Y1 /135S
119.4F13243NP4 /1YN /NN /NY /N274 /3NN /NN /NY /1S
127.4M11104NS3 /2NY /YY /NN /N364 /2YY /YY /Y1 /130P
139.8F24182YP4 /1YY /NN /NY /N373 /3NY /YY /YY /YS
146.4M1262NS3 /2NY /YN /NY /N303 /2NY /YY /Y1 /126S