Table 2.

Radiologic findings and outcomes of 16 patients with dissecting aneurysms

Patient no.Initial radiologic findingsRadiologic follow-up
Diagnosis of dissectionDiagnosis of aneurysmDuration, moRadiologic change on MRA: aneurysm/ parent vessel
ImagingTime after 1st symptom, dArtery involvedImagingTime after 1st symptom, dSite/aspect/ parent vessel
* Patients with vessel occlusion at time of diagnosis.
MRA = MR angiography; CA = conventional angiography; ICA = internal carotid artery; EVA = extracranial vertebral artery; SP = subpetrous; MC = mediocervical; PB = postbifurcation; St = stenosis; V1 = first segment; Nl = normal; − = unchanged.
1MRA6L ICAMRA43SP/fusiform/St26−/Nl
2MRA17R ICACA23MC/saccular/St52Decreased at 12 mo and then stable/Nl
L ICASP/fusiform/St53−/residual St
4CA6R ICACA6MC/fusiform/St65−/Nl
L ICASP/fusiform/St−/Nl
L ICASP/fusiform/St10−/Nl
6MRA10L ICA*MRA30SP/saccular/St17−/residual St
7CA14L ICACA14SP/saccular/St40Decreased at 40 mo/Nl
8MRA6R ICAMRA90SP/saccular/St22Decreased at 22 mo/Nl
9CA13L ICACA13SP/saccular/St93−/Nl
10MRA12R ICACA18PB/saccular/St48Decreased at 3 mo and then stable/Nl
SP/fusiform/StDecreased at 3 mo and then stable/Nl
L ICAPB/saccular/St−/residual St
R EVAV1/fusiform/NlVessel occlusion at 9 mo
11MRA13L ICAMRA75SP/saccular/St17Decreased/Nl
12CA1L ICA*CA159PB/saccular/St36−/residual St
R ICASP/saccular/Nl25−/Nl
14MRA11L ICACA51SP/fusiform/St13−/Nl
15CA4L ICACA4SP/saccular/Nl27Resolution at 6 mo/Nl
BasilarBasilar/saccular/StIncreased at 6 mo and then stable/residual St
16MRA10L ICACA12SP/saccular/St47−/residual St