Table 3.

Medians on neuropsychology measures (last evaluation) of patients with AD only (n = 74) and those with Lewy body variant of AD (LBV) (n = 27)

MeasureRangeNo. cases with data availableAD, medianLBV, medianp Value
* p Value based on Wilcoxon two-sample test with correction for continuity.
† Characteristic dichotomized for presentation; p value based on Wilcoxon two-sample test.
Global cognitive status
Mini-Mental State Examination0–3074 :2710.59.00.74*
Verbal fluency
Category naming—animals0–10+70 :26320.62*
Confrontation—Boston naming0–1573 :26880.41*
Ratio of category/Boston naming0–170 :260.350.330.65*
Concentration—percentage of group with maximum errors
Counting backward2–074 :2565%72%0.46
Months backward2–074 :2596%96%
Clock-drawing—percentage of group with maximum errors68 :2772%82%0.28
Constructional praxis0–1171 :24540.11*
Learning, memory
Word list learning, Trial 30–1071 :22120.41*
Word list recall—percentage recalling any0–1067 :2215%32%0.04
Word list recognition0–2062 :2212.012.50.70*