Table 4.

Multiple linear regression analysis

b (95% CI)p
r2 is the percentage of variance explained by the model; b is the multiple linear regression coefficient. In the analysis of LOS, b represents the number of days to be added or subtracted (+ or −, respectively) in the comparison of one class against the reference class. In the analysis of ancillary costs, it represents the thousands of lira to be added when age ≤65 years, and for each hospital day.
* Rankin score at admission.
PACS = partial anterior circulation syndrome; TACS = total anterior circulation syndrome; POCS = posterior circulation syndrome; LACS = lacunar syndrome.
Length of stay (r2 = 0.35)
Rankin Scale score 4–5 (vs. 1–3)*+2.7 (0.9 to 4.5)0.0037
PACS (vs TACS)−3.7 (−6.2 to −1.3)
LACS (vs TACS)−2.2 (−4.7 to 0.4)
POCS (vs TACS)−4.6 (−7.1 to −2.0)
Destination other than home (vs home)+3.1 (1.2 to 5.1)
Discharged dead (vs home)−11.4 (−14.8 to −8.1)
Ancillary costs (r2 = 0.43)
Age ≤65 y232.2 (124.2 to 340.2)<0.0001
Length of stay47.0 (40.1 to 53.9)<0.0001