Table 1.

Quantification of optic nerve and spinal cord impairment

Visual acuity (VA)0Normal
1Scotoma but VA (corrected) better than 20/30
2VA 20/30–20/59
3VA 20/60–20/199
4VA 20/200–20/800
5Count fingers only
6Light perception only
7No light perception
Motor function0Normal
1Abnormal signs (hyperreflexia, Babinski sign) without weakness
2Mild weakness (Medical Research Council grade 5− or 4+) in 1 or more limbs
3Moderate weakness (grade 3 or 4) in 1 or more limbs
4Severe weakness (grade 2) in 1 or more limbs
5Some plegic (grade 0 or 1) muscles in 1 or more limbs
6Plegia (grade 0 or 1) of all muscles in 1 or more limbs
Sensory function0Normal
1Mild decrease in vibration
2Mild decrease in pinprick/temperature/proprioception or moderate decrease in vibration
3Moderate decrease in touch/pinprick/proprioception or essentially lost vibration sense
4Loss of all sensory modalities
Sphincter function0Normal
1Mild urinary urgency or hesitancy, constipation
2Moderate urinary urgency, hesitancy, or retention of bladder or bowel, infrequent urinary incontinence (less than once per week)
3Frequent incontinence or retention requiring intermittent bladder catheterization or aggressive (manual) bowel assistance
4Indwelling urinary catheter or absence of sphincter control