Table 4.

CSF characteristics of neuromyelitis optica

CharacteristicsMonophasicRelapsingp Value
Values for WBC count, neutrophils, and protein are reported as median (range) and were calculated from “acute” CSF examinations performed within 4 weeks of the onset of a clinical event (optic neuritis or myelitis). Results for IgG index and OCB use number of patients as the denominator and include all CSF examinations performed.
* Two-tailed Fisher’s exact test.
WBC = white blood cell; OCB = oligoclonal bands.
No. of patients1539
No. of acute CSF examinations2973
WBC/mm312 (0–2,645)28 (0–1,040)0.205
Neutrophils/mm30.5 (0–2,169)2 (0–693)0.206
Protein (mg/dL)54 (20–255)84 (23–354)0.031
Elevated IgG index, n (%)1/5 (20)5/24 (21)1.000*
OCB present, n (%)3/7 (43)10/30 (33)0.678*