Table 5.

Proposed diagnostic criteria for neuromyelitis optica

All 71 patients met the absolute criteria. Numbers in parentheses after each supportive criterion indicate the proportion of patients who were tested for and met that criterion.
WBC = white blood cell; MRC = Medical Research Council.
Diagnosis requires all absolute criteria and one major supportive criterion or two minor supportive criteria
Absolute criteria
1. Optic neuritis
2. Acute myelitis
3. No evidence of clinical disease outside of the optic nerve or spinal cord
Supportive criteria
1. Negative brain MRI at onset (does not meet criteria of Paty et al.10) (25/28 patients)
2. Spinal cord MRI with signal abnormality extending over ≥3 vertebral segments (21/23 patients)
3. CSF pleocytosis of >50 WBC/mm3 OR >5 neutrophils/ mm3 (20/54 patients)
1. Bilateral optic neuritis (59/71 patients)
2. Severe optic neuritis with fixed visual acuity worse than 20/200 in at least one eye (31/69 patients)
3. Severe, fixed, attack-related weakness (MRC grade ≤2) in one or more limbs (32/71 patients)