Table 4.

Association among anosmia, APOE-ε4, and sex, adjusted for baseline age, CASI score, education, and length of follow-up

Risk factor combinationnOdds ratio95% CIp Value
CASI = Cognitive Abilities Screening Instrument.
Entire sample
Normosmic, ε4 absent8091.00
Normosmic, ε4 present2091.230.71–2.120.46
Anosmic, ε4 absent750.930.37–2.320.88
Anosmic, ε4 present184.931.63–14.910.005
Normosmic, ε4 absent3881.00
Normosmic, ε4 present920.670.27–1.650.38
Anosmic, ε4 absent510.900.29–2.840.86
Anosmic, ε4 present133.180.80–12.630.10
Normosmic, ε4 absent4211.00
Normosmic, ε4 present1171.900.94–3.850.08
Anosmic, ε4 absent241.020.22–4.810.98
Anosmic, ε4 present59.711.34–70.440.02