Table 1.

Language tests and discourse protocol

Test or protocolOutcome measures
Language tests
Arizona Battery for CommunicationLinguistic comprehension
Disorders of Dementia7Following spoken commands
Comparative questions
Reading comprehension, words
Reading comprehension, sentences
Linguistic expression
Object description
Generative naming (verbal word fluency)
Confrontation naming (picture naming)
Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test–III8Single-word vocabulary comprehension
Discourse protocol
Boston Diagnostic AphasiaCookie theft picture description10
Examination9Total number of words
Percent correct information units
Topic-directed interview11Mean length of utterance
Total no. of words
Total no. and percent utterances (complete and incomplete)
Total no. and percent stereotyped utterances
Total no. and percent of overt word-finding utterances
Ratio of open-class vs. closed-class words
% Pronouns
% Demonstrative pronouns
% Pronouns without antecedents
No. of 1 self-corrections/utterances
No. of repetitions/utterances
No. of nonspecific words/total no. of words
Total no. of topic units
No. and percent of on-topic and off-topic utterances
% Perseverative utterances
% Intrusive utterances
% Side sequences, meta statements about anomia, comments about the topic, comments external to the topic
% Could not categorize utterances