Table 2.

History of prior febrile seizures by type of seizures at onset of epilepsy

Seizure types*NWith febrile seizures, n (%)p Value
* Several children had more than one seizure type.
† Relative to all other categories or seizure types combined.
Generalized onset22930 (13.1)0.63
Tonic-clonic12223 (18.9)0.08
Tonic41 (25.0)0.56
Absence (typical or atypical)1066 (5.7)0.003
Atonic70 (0)0.28
Myoclonic234 (17.4)0.63
Partial onset29541 (13.9)0.98
Simple, no secondary generalization533 (5.7)0.04
Complex, no secondary generalization13620 (14.7)0.76
Partial with secondary generalization15624 (15.4)0.53
Undetermined onset (any type)154 (26.7)0.15