Table 4.

Multivariable models

TermOdds ratio95% CI*p Value
* Per 1-year increase in age (CI = confidence interval).
† After adjustment for the first four terms, the first four factors are presented without adjustment for family history of epilepsy.
A. Multivariable model for identifying factors associated with a history of any kind of febrile seizure
Febrile seizures, first-degree relative3.11.5–6.20.002
Febrile seizures, second+-degree relative2.81.4–5.50.004
Age at first unprovoked seizure0.9*0.8–1.00.007
Childhood absence epilepsy0.20.1–0.70.01
Epilepsy, first-degree relative1.90.9–3.80.08
B. Multivariable model for factors associated with a history of complex seizures
Age at first unprovoked seizures0.8*0.7–0.90.002
Febrile seizures, first-degree relative4.21.7–10.40.002
Absence seizures0.20.0–0.90.04
C. Multivariable model for factors associated with a history of simple febrile seizures
Febrile seizures, first-degree relative3.01.2–7.30.01
Febrile seizures, second+-degree relative2.91.2–6.70.02
Epilepsy, first-degree relative2.61.1–6.10.02
Childhood absence epilepsy0.10.0–1.00.05