Table 3.

Generalized estimating equations (GEE) analyses of the relationship between educational or occupational attainment and the rate of decline in memory test scores over time

VariableCovariates in the GEE models
TimeVariableTime × variable
Each row represents a separate analysis. Analyses were calculated initially for the entire patient group, and then for patients with low or high memory test scores at the initial visit. Table values are the β-values for each covariate in the model.
* p < 0.05.
p < 0.06. All other values were not significant (p > 0.10).
All subjects
Education group−1.65*−0.970.82
Occupation group−0.87*0.22−0.95*
Low initial memory scores
Education group−1.61*−1.851.79*
Occupation group0.04*1.71−1.44*
High initial memory scores
Education group−1.55*−0.19−0.30
Occupation group−1.74*−0.39−0.64