Table 2.

Neurologic worsening (flares) on rhG-CSF

PatientPeak neutrophil count (rhG-CSF mobilization)Time of MS flareDeficit from MS flareOutcome
rhG-CSF = recombinant human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor; COHNMC = City of Hope National Medical Center; FHCRC = Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; MNIH = Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital; MPE = methylprednisolone.
133,528/μLrhG-CSF; stem cellRight hemiplegiaRemove from protocol;
(COHNMC)mobilizationimprove to baseline on MPE; transplanted off protocol (5 mo later)
237,975/μLrhG-CSF; day + 25Right hemiparesisImprove to baseline on MPE
345,000/μLrhG-CSF; stem cellParaparesisPartial improvement on MPE
448,700/μLrhG-CSF; stem cellQuadriparesis;Death from respiratory failure
(MNIH)mobilizationrespiratory failure