Table 2.

Abnormalities differentiating progressive supranuclear palsy from multiple system atrophy

RegionAbnormalitySensitivityPPVSpecificityp Value
* Results of 0.5- and 1.5-T (MRI scans combined apart from * = on 0.5-T scans only.
p < 0.05, and §p < 0.001 compared with control subjects.
PPV = positive predictive value; NS = not significant.
MidbrainDilatation of third ventricle77§7180<0.001
Signal increase60§5670<0.01
Diameter < 17 mm23§8096<0.05
SupratentorialFrontal lobe atrophy177596<0.05
Temporal lobe atrophy207896<0.05
Globus pallidusSignal increase on 0.5-T scans*358294<0.05
Red nucleusAtrophy26§8296<0.005
Signal increase on 0.5 T scans*13100100NS