Table 1.

Clinical features of patients with acute ataxia without external ophthalmoplegia who had anti-GQ1b immunoglobulin G (IgG)

CharacteristicPatient no.
Age, y /sex42/F21/M35/M52/M30/F64/F52/M
Antecedent illnessCoughFever, sore throat, cough, headacheCough, sputum, sore throatFever, sore throat, cough, rhinorrheaFever, coughCoughFever, cough, rhinorrhea, headache
Initial symptomParesthesias in both fingersParesthesias in hands and feet, unsteady gaitParesthesias in hands and feet, unsteady gaitParesthesias in forearms, unsteady gaitParesthesias in hands and feetNausea, headache, unsteady gaitDizziness, paresthesias in hands
Gaze limitationNoNoNoNoNoMinimalNo
NystagmusOn lateral gazeNoNoNoNoNoOn lateral gaze
Bulbar palsyNoYesNoNoNoYesNo
Limb weaknessInsignificantInsignificantNoNoInsignificantNoNo
ParesthesiasBoth fingersGlove and stockingGlove and stockingForearmsGlove and stockingNoHands
CSF albumino-cytologic dissociationNoYesYesYesNoNoYes
Anti-GQ1b IgG titer64,0008,0002,0004,0005002,0004,000
Anti-GT1a IgG titer64,0002,0001,0002,0002,0002,0002,000