Table 2.

Sites of intracranial stenosis and additional cerebrovascular lesions

Vessel involvedAntithrombotic therapy failure group, Group A, n = 29, no. of patients (associated lesions)No failure of antithrombotic therapy, Group B, n = 23, no. of patients (associated lesions)
MCA = middle cerebral artery; ICA = internal carotid artery.
Carotid siphon3 (1 with contralateral ICA occlusion and ipsilateral 40% ICA stenosis, 1 with contralateral ICA occlusion)3 (1 with contralateral siphon stenosis, 1 with <50% ICA stenosis)
MCA6 (1 with 75% contralateral MCA stenosis, 1 with bilateral distal ICA stenosis)9
Distal7 (1 with basilar stenosis, 2 with proximal basilar stenosis, 1 with contralateral distal vertebral occlusion)2 (1 with proximal basilar stenosis, 1 with carotid siphon and ICA stenosis)
Unspecified location11
Proximal4 (1 with 40% proximal vertebral stenosis)1
Unspecified location33 (1 with 50–70% ICA stenosis)