Table 2.

MRI findings

Findings were bilateral but asymmetrical. Values expressed as n (%) or n (range).
* Callosal involvement was seen in children with high lesion load or masslike lesions.
† In those who had repeat MRI, enhancement was seen only on the first examination.
‡ In two cases, no abnormality was found, while in the other six children, a diminution in the size but not complete resolution of lesions was seen.
White matter28 (90)
Frontal/parietal25 (80)
Corpus callosum*9 (29)
Periventricular lesions9 (29)
Gray matter19 (61)
Thalamic10 (32)
Basal ganglia12 (39)
Brainstem13 (42)
Spinal cord5 (16)
Gadolinium28 (90)
Enhancement8 (29)
Mass effect8 (26)
Follow-up MRI8 (2 mo–2 y)