Table 1.

Patient characteristics (completer population of follow-up, n = 22)

Patient no./sex/age, yDosage, mg (initial*/follow-up)Comedication with domperidone, dosage/mgContinuous or occasional (†) side effects under pergolide or pergolide + domperidoneAugmentation of restless leg syndrome (RLS) symptoms under pergolide
* At the end of the pergolide cross-over period.
QD = every day; TID = three times a day; BID = twice daily.
401/M/480.5 /0.420 QDMild nausea
403/M/710.75 /0.35NoCongested noseEarlier daily onset, shorter latency to onset of RLS
406/M/500.3 /0.125NoCongested nose
408/M/650.4 /0.75NoCongested nose
410/M/490.75 /0.42520 TIDNausea, congested nose, constipation, pruritusEarlier daily onset, shorter latency to onset of RLS
411/F/550.25 /0.5520 QDCongested noseEarlier daily onset of RLS
412/F/700.4 /0.2520 QDNoEarlier daily onset of RLS
414/F/460.3 /0.2520 TIDNausea, vomiting, congested nose, dizziness, headache, abdominal pain
417/F/570.35 /0.125NoCongested nose
420/F/580.5 /0.320 TIDCongested nose, dry mouth
421/M/570.75 /0.5If needed
423/F/630.5 /0.425NoNoEarlier daily onset, shorter latency to onset of RLS, increased severity
424/F/580.3 /0.4If needed
451/F/590.5 /0.5NoEarlier daily onset of RLS
454/M/540.75 /0.375If neededNo
455/F/670.5 /0.25NoNo
456/F/450.55 /0.25NoNo
457/F/610.5 /0.520 BIDNo
458/F/630.6 /0.35NoNo
459/M/660.75 /0.520 TIDMild nausea, congested nose
460/F/530.3 /0.2520 TID
461/M/660.5 /0.5If needed