Table 1.

Summary of clinical and laboratory features

Patient no.Age, y/ sexAIOnset siteTime to peak deficitSensory lossReflexesCSF protein, mg/dL:cells, WBC/mm3 (time of lumbar puncture)Treatment/outcome (duration of follow-up)
AI = antecedent illness; WBC = white blood cells; AJ = ankle jerk; PE = plasma exchange; IVIG = IV immunoglobulin.
173 /MLeg7 dPinprick, vibrationAbsent AJ71:2 (1 mo)Asymptomatic in 3 mo (4.5 y)
226 /M+Feet, hand4 dPinprick, vibrationDecreased40:0 (4 mo)Asymptomatic in 6 mo (2.5 y)
365 /MLower leg6 dLight touch, vibrationAbsent AJ, decreased othersAsymptomatic in 2 mo (10.5 y)
421 /M+Lower leg7 dVibrationDecreased AJ/triceps reflex114:7 (3 wk)Asymptomatic with steroid in 1 mo (1.5 y)
570 /MToes2 dPinprick, vibrationAbsentStatic sensory loss (3.5 y)
650 /M+Hands2 wkPinprick, vibration, position, sensory ataxiaAbsent107:10 (2 wk)Improved with IVIG, failed with steroid, paresthesia in the feet 1 y (2 y)
748 /M+Feet3 wkPinprick, vibration, position, sensory ataxiaAbsent106:8, high IgG, (1 wk)Improved with PE, failed with IVIG and steroid, paresthesia in the feet 7 mo (2 y)
841 /M+Toes10 dPinprick, light touch, vibrationDecreased AJImproved, paresthesia in the toes 7 mo (2 y)