Table 3.

Studies of the prevalence of levodopa-induced motor complications

StudyPrevalence of complicationLength of studyMethod of evaluation
Rajput et al. 198410710% fluctuations 25% dyskinesias5 yearsPhysician evaluation
Poewe et al. 198614752% wearing off 54% dyskinesias6 yearsWebster Scale Modified Columbia Scale
Hely et al. 199415141% wearing off 55% dyskinesias5 yearsModified Columbia Scale Dyskinesia Scale Physician evaluation
Montastruc et al. 199415240% wearing off 56% dyskinesias5 yearsColumbia Scale UPDRS
Dupont et al. 199615059% fluctuations 41% dyskinesias5 yearsUPDRS, part 4
Parkinson Study Group. 199685 (DATATOP)50% wearing off 30% dyskinesias2 yearsPhysician evaluation UPDRS, part 4
Koller et al. 1999149 (Sinemet CR First)20% wearing off 20% dyskinesias5 yearsPatient diary Physician-recorded questionnaire
Rascol et al. 200015345% dyskinesias5 yearsUPDRS, dyskinesia scale
Parkinson Study Group. 200015430% dyskinesias2 yearsPhysician determination