Table 2.

Mean leisure scores in various demographic and medical condition groups

Demographics and medical conditionsMean leisure scores (0–13)p Value
For calculation of p values, Student’s t-test or analysis of variance have been used accordingly.
Education: low/high6.0/7.1<0.001
Occupation: housewifes/low/high6.2/6.3/7.3<0.001
Health-related disabilities: yes/no5.4/7.0<0.001
Depression: yes/no5.5/6.9<0.001
Heart disease: yes/no6.0/6.8<0.001
Hypertension: yes/no6.4/6.7<0.01
Diabetes: yes/no5.9/6.6<0.001
Stroke: yes/no5.1/6.6<0.001