Table 1.

Demographic data from the subject groups at the approximate time of imaging

CharacteristicsControlsADSemantic dementiaANOVA p value
a Semantic dementia group younger than the other two groups on Tukey test (p < 0.05).
b AD and semantic dementia groups both worse than control group on Tukey test (p < 0.05).
NA = not applicable; NS = not significant; CDR = Clinical Dementia Rating22; MMSE = Mini-Mental State Examination.46
Male:female ratio12:917:910:8
Mean (SD) age, y69.1 (7.7)69.1 (7.6)62.7 (7.1)<0.0005a
Mean (SD) duration of symptoms, yNA4.8 (3.0)4.0 (2.4)NS
Mean (SD) duration of follow-up, yNA3.6 (2.3)3.3 (2.4)NS
CDR, mean (SD)NA0.9 (0.7)0.9 (0.6)NS
Mean (SD) years of education10.8 (1.8)10.6 (3.4)8.7 (2.6)NS
MMSE, mean (SD)29.1 (1.0)22.5 (3.2)21.2 (6.9)<0.0005b