Table 3.

Correlations of mean diffusivity and fractional anisotropy from anterior, middle, and posterior regions with neuropsychological test scores

Region of interestTrail Making B-AVerbal Fluency
Correlation coefficients are shown before (r) and after (r*) covarying for age, sex, white matter volume, premorbid IQ (National Adult Reading Test–Revised), and general intellectual impairment (Mini-Mental State Examination Score). p Values are not corrected for multiple comparisons.
p < 0.05.
p < 0.01.
FA = fractional anisotropy; MD = mean diffusivity.
Anterior MD0.570.61−0.040.44
Anterior FA−0.41−
Middle MD0.530.12−0.080.05
Middle FA−0.090.340.690.61
Posterior MD0.440.550.270.36
Posterior FA−0.320.040.370.28