Table 1.

Serious complications and their outcomes

Patient no.Clinical scenarioDose of UK, 106 UHospital outcomeComplication
ICA = internal carotid artery; MCA = middle cerebral artery; UK = urokinase.
1ICA angiographic complication1.25Mild disabilityNeck hematoma at site of recent surgery
2MCA angiographic complication0.5Severe disabilityLarge hemorrhagic conversion of left brain infarct; died in nursing home 4 days after discharge
3MCA angiographic complication1.0DiedLarge right MCA distribution hematoma, also subdural and subarachnoid blood
4ICA stroke1.0Severe disabilityLeft basal ganglia hemorrhage with extension into ventricles and subarachnoid space
5MCA stroke0.375Mild disabilityHypotensive (SBP = 63) and bradycardic (HR = 34) during thrombolysis procedure
6MCA stroke0.75DiedLeft MCA distribution hemorrhagic infarct
7MCA stroke2.25Moderate disabilityRetroperitoneal hematoma
8MCA stroke2.25DiedRight basal ganglia and temporal lobe hemorrhage with extension into the ventricle and subarachnoid space
9Basilar stroke0.45DiedPontine hemorrhage
10Basilar stroke0.5Severe disabilityEpistaxis and groin bleeding
11Basilar stroke1.25Moderate disabilityRight thalamic hemorrhage with extension into left lateral ventricle and subarachnoid space
12Basilar stroke2.0DiedIntra/retroperitoneal hematoma requiring exploratory surgery
13Basilar stroke2.0DiedLeft subdural hematoma requiring evacuation
14Basilar stroke2.25DiedLeft temporal and occipital, right cerebellar, and pontine-midbrain-thalamic hemorrhage
15Basilar stroke2.5DiedPontine and midbrain hemorrhage
16Basilar stroke3.0DiedPontine and midbrain hemorrhage