Table 1.

Diagnostic value of different diagnostic criteria in improving diagnostic accuracy in 100 patients clinically diagnosed with IPD and followed until death*

CriteriaPositive predictive valueSensitivity
*At postmortem 90 patients had IPD and 10 patients had other parkinsonian syndromes. See test and references for definitions. The positive predictive value for the different diagnostic criteria is dependent on the prevalence of disease and will therefore differ in different clinical settings.
†Only the positive predictive value can be calculated for the clinical diagnosis in this series.
IPD = idiopathic PD; UKPDSBRC = United Kingdom PD Society Brain Research Center.
Clinical diagnosis in this series90
Clinically definite IPD79190
Clinically possible IPD89387
Clinically probable IPD89272
Three selected clinical features9 (asymmetrical onset, no atypical features, no possible etiology for another parkinsonian syndrome)9067