Table 1.

Brain death survey in 80 nations

Continent/countryLawGuidelineApnea testNo. of physiciansObservation time, hConfirmatory testReference no.
* Eight US states only; time within parentheses indicates observation time required in conditions due to anoxia.
† Observation time can be shortened or eliminated if one confirmatory test is positive for brain death.
‡ China resumed control of Hong Kong in 1997.
PCO2 = target PCO2 defined (50 or 60 mmHg); A = absent criterion or guideline; DV = disconnection from ventilator only; N = neurologist; MD = medical doctor; P = present; A = absent; LAW = legal standard of organ donation.
North America
    United StatesPPPCO22*6Optional6, 12
    CubaAPPCO226 (24)Optional
    Trinidad and TobagoAPPCO22AOptional
Central and South America
    ColumbiaPPA2 (N)AOptional17
    Costa RicaPPPCO2124Optional
    El SalvadorAPA16 (24)Mandatory
    GuatemalaAAAAANot known
    HondurasAAAAANot known
    VenezuelaPPPCO22 (N)12Optional19
    Czech RepublicAPPCO22AMandatory20
    DenmarkPPDVO22 (24)Optional5
    HungaryPPPCO2112 (72)Mandatory25
    ItalyPPPCO216 (24)Mandatory27
    RussiaPPPCO226 (24)Optional37