Table 1.

Distribution of demographic and injury characteristics among 80 study subjects, 62 subjects without ε4 allele, and 18 subjects with ε4 allele

CharacteristicsStudy population, n = 80All eligible subjects, n = 315, %APOE ε4-negative, n = 62, %APOE ε4-positive, n = 18, %
Age, y
Highest educational level completed
    <High school1518.821.011.1
    High school2430.029.033.3
    Some college2328.733.811.1
    Graduate school1012.58.127.8
Preinjury employment status
    Employed, full-time5259.871.038.9
    Employed, part-time89.28.116.7
    Not employed78.06.416.7
    Student, full-time11.11.65.5
Glasgow Coma Scale
CT scan results
Mechanism of injury
    Motor vehicle accident4758.854.559.755.6
Loss of consciousness