Table 2 Comparison of axonal density and diameter between controls and MS cases and association between axonal density and diameter on one hand and SI on T2-weighted MRI and myelin score on the other for MS cases (n = 202 areas)

Subjects and SI statusNo.Axonal density/mm2Axonal diameter, μm
MeanRangep Value*MeanRangep Value*
* Kruskal-Wallis.
SI = signal intensity.
Controls10926,98914,111 –38,1001.10.7 –1.4
MS cases20211,8073,281 –31,000<0.000120.8 –5.00.001
    Normal SI6314,1583,281 –31,0000.0021.60.8 –3.4<0.0001
    Mildly increased SI5611,0943,548 –26,2881.90.8 –5.0
    High SI8310,5043,433 –26,3252.31.0 –4.0