Table 4 Use of oral anticoagulant medication after a primary intracerebral hemorrhage as a predictor of recurrence, hemorrhagic and ischemic events, and vascular death

FindingUse of oral anticoagulation: hazard ratio (95% CI)
* Unspecified strokes were censored.
† Hemorrhagic stroke (including recurrent intracerebral hemorrhage) and major extracerebral hemorrhages.
‡ Ischemic stroke, myocardial infarction, and sudden death.
Recurrent intracerebral hemorrhage*2.7 (0.9–7.8)
Hemorrhagic vascular event*3.0 (1.3–7.2)
Ischemic vascular event*1.0 (0.2–4.1)
Vascular death1.5 (0.5–4.2)