Table Course of hematologic and biochemical data in two patients with copper deficiency and hyperzincemia

CharacteristicPatient 1Patient 2
* Normal range, 70–155 μg/dL.
† Normal range, 17.9–53.3 mg/dL.
‡ Normal range, 70–150 μg/dL.
WBC = white blood cell.
Initial presentation (January/February, 1999)
    Hb, g/dL6.64.9
    WBC/neutrophils, × 103/μL2.0/0.101.0/0.06
    Serum copper, μg/dL*5.00
    Serum ceruloplasmin, mg/dL3.0<2.8
    Serum zinc, μg/dL174192
Two months after copper therapy
    Hb, g/dL14.514.5
    WBC/neutrophils, × 103/μL8.8/5.69.2/5.6
    Serum copper, μg/dL10676
    Serum ceruloplasmin, mg/dL24.618.0
    Serum zinc, μg/dL333223
September, 2001
    Hb, g/dL5.79.7
    WBC/neutrophils, × 103/μL1.8/0.333.3/0.96
    Serum copper, μg/dL5.02.0
    Serum ceruloplasmin, mg/dL<3.5<2.9
    Serum zinc, μg/dL161205
Six weeks after copper therapy
    Hb, g/dL15.613.7
    WBC/neutrophils, × 103/μL7.2/4.17.4/4.0
    Serum copper, μg/dL12067
    Serum ceruloplasmin, mg/dL26.315.1
    Serum zinc, μg/dL239205