Table 2. Genotype-phenotype correlations

Clinical characteristicsNo mutation, n = 60Mutation present, n = 33Fisher exact test, pPoint mutations, n = 13Protein deletion, n = 20Fisher exact test, p
p Values are calculated using the Fisher exact test. The p values indicated with * are corrected for multiple comparison according to Bonferroni correction for multiple testing.
FS = febrile seizures.
General information
    Sex ratio (M/F)1.0 (30/30)1.1 (17/16)1.000.9 (6/7)1.2 (11/9)0.73
    Familial FS/1° + 2° degree20100.90190.22
    Familial epilepsy/1° + 2° degree290.0043 (0.05)*451.00
Type of the first seizure
    Afebrile seizures29140.66770.47
    Febrile seizures3119613
Type of seizure
    Clonic generalized58330.531320
    Unilateral motor38280.033 (0.39)*8200.005 (0.06)*
    Complex partial43260.5410161.00
    Status epilepticus44250.808170.21
Febrile susceptibility (>50%)24160.515110.48
Other neurologic symptoms
    Clinical photosensitivity23150.66691.00
    Psychomotor delay