Table 4 Neuroimaging studies in children with global developmental delay

ReferenceClassNResults (% patients with abnormal studies)
7III6031.4% (CT, a few had MRI)
28III9927% (CT); 41.2% when done on an indicated basis vs 13.9% when on a screening basis
100III234.3% (CT)
101III7627.6% (CT) with 71.4% of these with nonspecific atrophy
102III3781% (CT)
103III7963% (CT)
45IV17030% (CT); 65.5% (MRI); 19/29 patients who had MRI showed an abnormality
104III22448.6% (MRI)
105III4092.5% (MRI)
106IV3100% (MRI) but small number of patients
107III13100% (MRI) but small number of patients
108III21Amount of abnormal cerebral white matter on MRI correlated with degree of mental impairment