Table 4 Reasons for never seeking or lapsing* from medical care for headache, comparison of UK and US patients with migraine with six or more headaches per year, UK/US National Migraine Family Surveys, 1998

Reasons for never seeing a physician for headacheUK, n = 20*US, n = 75
Values are percentages.
* Lapsed consulters last visited a physician for headache ≥1 year ago.
p = 0.012 UK vs US. All other differences not significant.
Too inconvenient5355
Have a treatment that works4047
Headache not that bad4227
Don’t like physicians1521
Never see a physician1618
Nothing a physician can do2216
Reasons for lapsing from careUK, n = 51US, n = 51
Headaches less severe, frequent5656
I found a treatment that works4043
Nothing a doctor can do2641
Physician gave me a treatment that works3331
Physician did not help me2727
Physician not interested in headaches107