Table 4 Pharmacokinetic values for the two renal function strata of the pregabalin treatment group

MeasurePregabalin 300 mg/day, CLcr >30 and ≤60 mL/minPregabalin 600 mg/day, CLcr >60 mL/min
CLcr = creatinine clearance; Cavg = average steady-state concentration; CminSS = predicted steady-state morning trough concentration.
Observed plasma pregabalin concentration, μg/mL, range2.44–4.80.244–18.6
Time postdose for observed plasma pregabalin concentration, h, range1.00–6.670.75–17.8
Predicted Cavg concentrations, μg/mL (range)6.64 (4.05–14.4)8.36 (3.45–15.7)
Predicted morning CminSS concentrations, μg/mL (range)4.69 (2.97–13.1)5.27 (1.31–11.4)
Pregabalin clearance, mL/min, range42.7–52.2
Pregabalin volume of distribution, L, range29.8–34.2