Table 1 Postoperative results following trigeminal nerve root section

Patient no.Year of surgeryTrigeminal nerve sectionPostoperative pain reliefDuration of follow-upDuration of postoperative benefits
* Follow-up information obtained by direct patient contact.
† Follow-up information obtained by chart review.
11984PartialComplete16 y*16 y
21981CompleteComplete19 y*19 y
31981CompleteComplete19 y*19 y
41982CompleteComplete18 y*18 y
51982CompleteComplete1 mo1 mo
61982CompleteNear complete3 mo3 mo
71984CompleteNear complete3 y3 y
81985CompleteComplete15 y*15 y
91988PartialNear complete1 mo1 mo
101990PartialComplete8 y2.5 y
111990CompleteComplete1 y15 d
121992CompleteIncomplete3 mo3 mo
131993CompleteComplete7 y*7 y
141997CompleteComplete4 y*4 y
151996PartialIncomplete1 mo1 mo
161996CompleteComplete4 y*4 y
171997CompleteComplete1 y*1 y