Table 2 Complications of trigeminal nerve root section

Patient no.Trigeminal nerve sectionDuration of follow-upComplications related to corneal symptomsMotor weakness per patient reportOther complications
1Partial16 yMinor irritationYesFull ear sensation
2Complete19 yCorneal abrasionYesFacial pain not requiring treatment
3Complete19 yNoneYesTransient contralateral cluster headache
4Complete18 yMinor irritationYes
5Complete1 moNoneYesMeningitis
6Complete3 moMinor irritationYes
7Complete3 yMinor irritationNo
8Complete15 yMinor irritationYes
9Partial1 moMinor irritationYesCSF leak
10Partial8 yMinor irritationNoRequired second surgery, died after second surgery
11Complete1 yMinor irritationYesRequired second surgery, no benefit after second  surgery
12Complete3 moMinor irritationYes
13Complete7 yMinor irritationYes
14Complete4 yNoneNo
15Partial1 moMinor irritationNo
16Complete4 yCorneal abrasion, lens implantNoMild anesthesia dolorosa
17Complete1 yTarsorrhaphyYesContralateral cluster headache