Table 4 Multivariate models for predictors of seizure outcome after surgery

PredictorsResults of Cox proportional hazards model examining relation of potential predictors to risk of relapse, n = 175Results of logistic regression model examining relation of potential predictors to risk of auras* when otherwise seizure-free, n = 110
HR95% CIp valueOR95% CIp value
* Presence or absence of auras at any point in follow-up among 110 otherwise seizure-free patients.
† Simultaneously adjusted for all other variables in the model.
‡ Reference for each pathology group is a category combining tumor, developmental, vascular, and other.
§ Reference is the extratemporal group, which includes seven patients with multilobe resections involving the temporal lobe.
HR = hazard ratio; OR = odds ratio; DPE = duration of preoperative epilepsy; MTS = mesial temporal sclerosis.
Age at surgery ≥30 y1.610.89, 2.930.120.710.22, 2.330.57
DPE ≥20 y1.760.96, 3.220.0693.551.06, 11.900.040
    MTS1.210.61, 2.400.582.950.85, 10.250.089
    Normal2.381.06, 5.340.0361.490.22, 10.270.69
Pure temporal lobe§0.840.35, 2.010.691.140.18, 7.330.89