Table 4. Clinically isolated syndromes characteristic of MS

Optic neuritis1. Typically unilateral
2. Retrobulbar
3. Typically painful
4. Some recovery expected
5. No retinal exudates
6. No macular star
7. Disc hemorrhages infrequent
Myelitis1. Partial sensory or motor
2. Sensory more common
3. Lhermitte sign
4. Bowel and bladder dysfunction is common
5. “Band-like” abdominal or chest pressure
6. Acute dystonias
Brainstem/cerebrum1. Ocular motor syndromes (e.g., internuclear ophthalmoparesis/nystagmus)
2. Hemisensory, crossed sensory syndromes
3. Hemiparesis
4. Trigeminal neuralgia
5. Hemifacial spasm
Cerebellum1. Cerebellar outflow tremor
2. Acute ataxic syndrome
Paroxysmal1. Tonic spasms
    symptoms2. Paroxysmal dysarthria/ataxia