Table 1 Baseline characteristics of 25 patients with nondiagnostic brain biopsy

CharacteristicTreatedNot treatedpGood outcomePoor outcomep
ESR = erythrocyte sedimentation rate; ANA = antinuclear antibodies; WBC = white blood cell count.
Age, y51 ± 1660 ± 170.18148 ± 1466 ± 150.005
Sex9F, 1M8F, 7M0.08910F, 4M7F, 4M0.695
Symptom duration0.1980.367
History of seizures0.4421.00
Level of consciousness0.6261.00
    Not alert1322
Focal deficit0.0490.435
ESR >20 mm/h1.000.324
Abnormal ANA1.001.00
CSF protein >50 mg/dL0.5920.592
CSF WBC >5/μL1.001.00
Typical arteriogram0.0541.00