Table 1. Correlation coefficients between metabolite concentration ratios, white matter volume, and median ADC of the normal-appearing white matter; age has been controlled for in the correlations

ADC or metabolite ratioLog, % WMH (p value)Correlation with median ADC (p value)
ADC = apparent diffusion coefficient; WMH = white matter hyperintensity; NAA = N-acetylaspartate; Cr = creatine; Cho = choline.
Median ADC0.582 (<0.001)
NAA/Cr−0.514 (<0.001)−0.440 (0.001)
Cho/Cr0.159 (0.26)0.087 (0.55)
NAA/Cho−0.424 (0.002)−0.276 (0.050)