Table The number of smokers and risk estimate (rate ratio) for six common diseases among 22,312 subjects in the general population of Hordaland County, Norway

DiseaseNo. of patients*Never smoker, n (%)Current or past smoker, n (%)Ratio ratio (95% CI)
* Information on smoking was missing for 72 individuals including one patient with multiple sclerosis.
† Rate ratio estimated in a Cox proportional hazard regression model with smoking as a time-dependent covariate. Smoking individuals are being compared with nonsmoking individuals at the same age for the risk of developing the disease. All analyses were performed stratified by sex.
Multiple sclerosis8621 (24.4)65 (75.6)1.81 (1.13–2.92)
Myocardial infarction769 (11.8)67 (88.2)4.53 (2.26–9.01)
Angina pectoris10817 (15.7)91 (84.3)3.30 (1.96–5.55)
Stroke9327 (29.0)66 (71.0)1.48 (0.94–2.35)
Asthma1,350446 (33.0)904 (67.0)1.21 (1.05–1.39)
Diabetes21685 (39.4)131 (60.6)0.86 (0.65–1.13)
Total population22,2408,239 (37.0)7,892 (35.5)1.00