Table 1 Summary of clinical and MRI features

CaseGA, wkClinical featuresMRI findings (day of MRI)Outcome
GA = gestational age; C/S = cesarean section; MCA = middle cerebral artery; MDI = Bayley Scales of Infant Development Mental Index; PROM = prolonged rupture of membrane.
140/Male31-year-old mother, primigravid, with gestational diabetes; C/S secondary to prolonged stage 2 of labor, large for gestational age infant (3800/g), meconium stainedLeft MCA fronto-parietal infarct (8)MDI = 63
241/Male19-year-old mother, primigravid, with chorioamnionitis; spontaneous vaginal delivery after PROM (44 h)Left MCA fronto-parieto-occipital infarct (4)MDI = 83
340/Male24-year-old mother without maternal complications; C/S for failed vacuum extraction, meconium stainingRight MCA infarct with parietal lobe and basal ganglia involved. Bilateral intravascular watershed zone (3)MDI = 53, spastic quadriparesis
441/Male20-year-old mother, primigravid, with peripartum fever treated with antibiotics; C/S for failure of progress, late decelerations, PROM (18 hours), large for gestational age infant (4500 g), meconium aspiration syndromeLeft MCA posterio r frontal infarct (10)MDI < 50
539/Male37-year-old mother with history of hepatitis B and herpes simplex virus infection; spontaneous vaginal delivery with prolonged second stage of labor, meconium aspiration syndromeRight MCA with temporal infarct. Bilateral intravascular watershed zone injury (5)MDI < 50
641/Female43-year-old mother, primigravid, with Graves disease; C/S for late decelerations and variable decelerationsSuperior sagittal sinus thrombosis. Parieto-occipital infarcts extensive on right and limited to occipital pole on left (9)MD I < 50, left spastic hemiparesis