Table 1 Baseline age-adjusted characteristics of participants in NHS (1980) and NHS II (1991) according to quintiles of total vitamin D intake

CharacteristicsNHSNHS II
Quintile of total vitamin D intakeQuintile of total vitamin D intake
NHS = Nurses’ Health Study.
Ever smoker, %62575454563736343434
Born in north tier, %40414444423034373838
Use of multivitamins, %67134897816307096
Mean daily food intake
    Skim/low-fat milk, servings/d0.
    Whole milk, servings/d0.
    Fish, servings/d0.
Mean daily nutrient intake (with supplements)
    Calcium, mg4846137639048996878471,0281,1621,374
    Vitamin A, IU10,28910,51511,03413,47619,6699,39710,54011,56513,83018,584
    Vitamin E, mg353437641632224305298
    Folate, μg229247270381705286325369540866
    Vitamin C, mg216220226306571171187210284439
    Vitamin B1, mg1.
    Vitamin B2, mg2.
    Vitamin B6, mg1.
    Vitamin B12, μg5.
    Zinc, mg6.