Table 7 Prevalence of epilepsy in children with cerebral palsy

ReferenceClassNTypes of cerebral palsy% Patients with epilepsy
M = mixed; A = ataxic; H = hemiplegic.
Murphy et al., 199348I204M46
von Wendt et al., 198549I69M48
Miller and Cala, 19898I29A59
Zafeiriou et al., 199950II493M36
Hadjipanayis et al., 199751II323M42
Al-Sulaiman, 200152II151M54
Chambers et al., 199953II114M36
Bruck et al., 200154II100M62
Cioni et al., 199919II91M35
Kwong et al., 199855II85M38
Kaushik et al., 199756II50M56
Taudorf et al., 198411III83M35
Senbil et al., 200257III74M42
Cohen and Duffner, 198113III52H58