Table 3 Neuropsychological summary scores by groups

TestControl, mean, n = 96SDStroke/TIA, mean, n = 163SDF-statisticANOVA*p value
All comparisons controlled for age, NART, education, depression (HAM-D score >10 were excluded, n = 7 patients), and multiple comparisons (with Bonferroni correction).
* Analysis of variance (ANOVA) controlling for age and multiple comparisons (Bonferroni correction).
† Sum stereognosis (/6) and finger gnosis (/24).
‡ Sum copy figure 1 (/4) and copy figure 2 (/4).
NART = National Adult Reading Test; HAM-D = Hamilton Depression Rating Scale; COWAT = Controlled Oral Word Association Test; BNT = Boston Naming Test.
Mental control5.391.04.731.40.470.495
Logical Memory 123.517.
Logical Memory
Visual Reproduction 131.606.
Visual Reproduction 223.7410.116.7810.78.560.004
Digit Span age15.043.912.593.81.080.300
Picture Completion13.393.710.404.74.680.032
Block Design23.999.417.1510.08.200.005
Trails A (s)43.4915.166.3341.63.800.053
Trails B (s)107.0044.9177.93120.99.290.003
Verbal Fluency (animals)17.554.714.314.78.320.004
Symbol Digit Modalities Test42.749.634.1312.97.900.005
Ideomotor apraxia (maximum = 18)
Gnosis (maximum = 30)29.341.527.992.65.780.017
Draw (maximum = 8)
Colour Form Sort Test3.950.33.321.13.210.075